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The Bow Wow Club - Synopsis

(Six men- Four Women)

The infamous Bow Wow Club achieved their reputation with girls as teenagers growing up in Harlem in the late seventies and early eighties. It is twenty years later and the five members of the group have not been together in the same place at the same in that long. Fun loving, gregarious, Kirk Bright and his wife Dee invite the Bow Wow Club to their new home for a Fourth of July reunion. Kirk, who still lives in the past, thinks that the weekend will be filled with reminiscing about the good old days. What he has not contemplated is that, all of the members of the club have changed, including him. Outspoken, volatile, Sal Anderson is married to Bev and they are still grieving over the death of their son, just eighteen months earlier to a policemen’s bullet. To further the pain only one member of the club, Kirk, attended the funeral. Alex Earle, the former fat kid, is now a re-invented Afrocentric professor who attends the reunion with his white bohemian pregnant wife, Freida. The charismatic Lester McMichael is now a super star entertainer and flies in from France with his twenty - year old super-model girlfriend, Loita. Chuck Hooter has not been seen in years. His secret is unveiled when he comes to the reunion with his white male lover, Perry. Chuck’s lifestyle choice and the fact that only one member of the club attended Julius’ funeral, creates the major tidal waves that test their friendships.  Questions about all their lives are brought to the forefront as more than fire works explode, before these friends realize how much they still need each other for survival in today’s world.  

Winner of the 1999 Lorraine Hansberry Award – The Kennedy Center

3 NAACP Nominations – Beverly Hills NAACP - 2007

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F. Kathleen Foley

In his comedy-drama about the reunion of a Harlem men’s group after a 20 year separation, playwright Levy Lee Simon seems so intent in serving the cause of cultural diversity that he occasionally stumbles into political polemic. Despite that, Simon exploits his richly drawn characters’ deathless bond---connection formed in the war zone of the inner city--- to devastating emotional effect.              

LA Weekly Stage

For the Love of Freedom, playwright Levy Lee Simon demonstrated an epic grasp of French colonialism and revolution in Haiti. Here, he brings the psychological baggage of domestic colonialism and slavery to a contemporary barbecue in suburban New York, to the 25-year reunion of a club of African-American men from Harlem who prided themselves on their sexual prowess and camaraderie.  

Mixed Breed

The radio promo for The Bow-Wow Club tells us with an audio wink that "old dogs can learn new tricks." Apparently Karamu is trying to fudge Levy Lee Simon's chronicle of a men's club 20th-anniversary reunion into another laugh lulu off the chitling circuit. (Wrong!) The company's production of this destined-to-be-some-kind-of-classic is an unforgettable theater experience.  


TV / Film Veteran Kenneth Dixon

Kenneth Dixon is a seasoned veteran of television, film and theater with multiple credits under his belt. He brings his talents to Atlanta, GA critically acclaimed. His performance in The Bow Wow Club is a must-see. 



The Bow Wow Club

Marrieta's New Theatre in the Square

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